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Video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services

10,000,000 achievements tracked so far. More than 500 per user. That’s a lot!
Defeat ⚔️ 100 monsters 👹 in a row?
Get tokens 💰💰💰 and exchange them for goodies 🎁🎁🎁
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What can I get for RAWG tokens?
Trade tokens for goods, services, games, and in-game items. It will look something like this
Wireless headphones
Get for $10 and 70 tokens
Game premium pass
Get for 100 tokens
Payment service $100
Get for 300 tokens

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Press about us
Inspired by the likes of IMDb, its rival Letterboxd and even literary database Goodreads, Lyalin's team hopes to build "one platform to rule them all"
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Sony does not know your preferences in PC games, nor does Microsoft know what games you like most on the Switch. RAWG seeks to fill that gap
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Developers can focus more on quality games with rich content, and RAWG is ready to bring it to the right eyeballs
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Game Insight founder and chairman Igor Matsanyuk, Zeptolab CEO Misha Lyalin, and game company Wargaming have invested in RAWG
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The more users RAWG has, the higher the ads cost
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RAWG reckons running its own platform token will enable it to grow its audience, as well as ensuring they regularly sync their data
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What users say

RAWG launched on Product Hunt in February for the first time and generated over 700 upvotes
  • Very cool indeed, started using it and aside from some performance issues in collections it is pretty solid (and with a fabulous UI). Ruben Garcia
  • Nothing more to tell: the idea to have some place where your games info is stored and all games info is stored is great. Konstantin Inin
  • Nice app. Tommy Ming
  • Very cool, seems to aggregate a lot of different data. I like that you have a featured developers section - sometimes these great people are missed out! Product Pearson
  • Looking good! Veselin Todorov
  • Congrats on the launch, guys! Love the idea and wow, 52,000 games already in the database - that's impressive! Dmitry Kornyukhov
  • I've looked it. It looks cool. As an encyclopedia, it can work. Evan Wilder
  • This platform is simply beautiful 😍 Brett Williams
  • I just stumbled over this website and after a few minutes already recommended it to a friend. Looks very promising, especially the development team section. Malte Albarus
  • Great site, very clean and modern. Kurt Khaoz
  • I'm thrilled when I learned about the RAWG site (from genbeta.com) and in less that 2 min I was connected to search for new game to play. miscaandrei
  • Probably the snappiest website I've used recently. I feel like everything else is slow now. Good work! tecknoize
  • Congratulations for the project and continue doing such an amazing job. Conti
  • I've been looking for a game tracker like this. The website is really cool and easy to use. INVICTAHARDCORE
  • I've been dreaming for something like this literally for ages. Great job, keep it up. P41N1C
  • It's too beautiful, the designer deserves a raise 😢 pwign
  • Just started using RAWG, recommending to all my friends to sign up. Fantastic UI, great features, love emoji reviews. sj
  • Fantastic stuff so far. A lot better than anything else I have found, and a central place for stats and reviews is perfect. Arecher
  • I've dreamt about it. You made it. Thank you. volubtil

More than 2 billion gamers in the world

The market is expected to reach $180.1 billion by 2021, although it has been beating expectations for several years in a row
  • 1

    People play more and use more devices

    More than 76% of gamers use at least two devices, while 87% of console gamers also play on a PC.
  • 2

    No single trusted recommendation services for games

    Game stores stick to one device and have no cross-platform data. Journalists cannot cover thousands of games released yearly.
  • 3

    Few opportunities for gamers to make money doing what they love

    Games require time and skill, but only professional esport players and popular streamers are properly rewarded.

From the makers of Kanobu, a leading
Eastern European gaming media outlet

UV/day 255,000 UV/month 4,700,000

What RAWG is

  • 56,850 games and counting

    Our database is projected to become the largest cross-platform base by the end of 2019 with over 200,000 games.
  • Social platform and a community of gamers

    Track your games, follow friends and celebrities, and get cross-platform recommendations — all in one place.
  • RAWG tokens

    The only way for gamers to be rewarded for their achievements in a wide range of games.

What advisors say

Misha Lyalin


Vladislav Kreinin


Viacheslav Makarov



How RAWG token works

How RAWG token levels up

is what advertisers save when paying in tokens
Tokens will give access to advertising services granting a 30% discount compared to the price of the services in fiat.
  • $25 is the price for premium advertising
    The initial token price is $0.03, the initial price of the premium ad format is $3 CPM. CPM-based advertising on other gamer services may vary from $4 up to $25 depending on their audience and targeting.
  • 2,000,000 users by the end of 2019
    40% of funds raised will be spent on marketing with the plan to reach 2M users by the end of 2018. This will make RAWG one of the biggest services for cross-platform gamers providing deep targeting options.
Distribution of tokens unclaimed tokens are burnt 🔥
Bonuses for investors
Operational fund
Use of funds
Community building
Product development
Information security
Back office and other
Behind RAWG

Our team

  • Gadji Makhtiev
    Founder and CEO of leading Russian gaming outlet Kanobu. 15 years of experience in gaming and media
  • Alexey Gornostaev
    CPO of Kanobu. Former Project Manager of Game Insight, one of the largest mobile game developers in Europe
  • Sergey Ulankin
    Former editor-in-chief of Roem, one of the most influential technology outlets in Russia
  • Dasha Lyalin
    8 years as CEO for mobile VAS and entertainment streaming service at Svyaznoy, Eastern Europe’s biggest mobile retailer
  • Samat Galimov
    Former CTO of leading Russian news website Meduza and social e-reading subscription service Bookmate


  • Igor Matsanyuk
    Serial entrepreneur turned investor. He has invested in 40+ companies
  • John Lee
    Chairman of Asia of ESL (Turtle Entertainment), ex-CSO of Zenimax Asia Pacific Ltd. (holding company of Bethseda Softworks and idSoft)
  • John Hanke
    CEO of Niantic Inc., responsible for Pokemon GO. Ex-VP Google of Geo Product Management
  • Samuel McCulloch
    SmartICOInvestor.com founder and Head of Sales for Kaiju. Investor into Bucket Technologies
  • Sandra Golbreich
    COO of Business Hive Vilnius accelerator, startup industry expert, and serial tech-entrepreneur
  • Vyacheslav Makarov
    Head of the World of Tanks Product Group, head of R&D at Wargaming.net. Co-creator of World of Tanks
  • Misha Lyalin
    CEO of Zeptolab, the video game developer best known for the Cut the Rope series
  • Vladislav Kreinin
    Vice President of Marketing of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe